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Thoughts on software development. .NET | C# | Azure

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Thoughts on software development. .NET | C# | Azure

This is my position regarding software development.

  1. Software can and does improve the lives of people - whether it be the people that ultimately use the software or the business owners and operators who commissioned the software.
  2. We are still finding out how to develop good software - whether it be implementing the people processes that support good development or implementing technical details from architecture to code.

Motivateded by #1, and given #2, I strive to continuously learn how to develop good software, with a focus on the technical dimension. This blog is part of that effort.

OJ Develops is a blog by OJ Raqueño, a software developer specializing in web applications. He has a passion for helping businesses grow through the use of software built with the best engineering practices.

Pluralsight learning profile: https://app.pluralsight.com/profile/ojraqueno

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